«We want to disappear Ferrer to end the opposition in Cuba»

José Daniel Ferrer

That’s what an agent of the Cuban G2 confessed to Roilán Zárraga’s siste

PD denounced the case of Roilán before the United Nations.

November 11, 2019

On Saturday, November 9, 2019, Prisoners Defenders filed a complaint with the Committee on Enforced Disappearances and the United Nations Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances in favour of Roilán Zárraga, describing the facts described here.

On Friday morning, November 8, 2019, Roilán Zárraga’s sister had the opportunity to visit him in prison. Her visit emerged as a desperate alternative of the island’s regime to urge a family member, in this case his sister, to get Zárraga to falsely accuse José Daniel Ferrer. However, it did not happen that way but quite the opposite, as was predictable. His sister visited him this past Friday and not only did he not act in the direction that the regime would have wanted, but she directly transmitted to us how “Roilán is being extorted to testify against José Daniel Ferrer”, to which he he has been relentlessly refusing for 39 days since he was arrested and 35 of them disappeared for the family.

Video of Ana Gloria Zárraga Ferrer explaining the visit to Carlos Amel Oliva Torres:

Arrest of Roilán Zárraga Ferrer

According to the statement of her sister, Ana Gloria Zárraga Ferrer (Tel: +53 53679603), who learned the information from several of her neighbours, Roilán Zárraga Ferrer was arrested on November 2 at his home, located on Padre de las calle Casas 49, between Colón and Roberto Lamela, El Caney, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba.

3 political police officers who arrived in a blue Lada without registration (car number plate) arrested him and took him away. As it is known, Zárraga Ferrer was allowed, on October 4, the visit of José Daniel Ferrer Cantillo (son of José Daniel Ferrer) for 10 minutes in the Provincial Unit of Criminal Instruction, located in the Versailles District, Santiago de Cuba. After this, there has been no notice from him again. His sister Ana Gloria has been in this Police Unit numerous times and has not been told of his whereabouts

35 days have passed in which Roilán has been missing.

Ferrer sister’s visit

In November 6th, as Ana Gloria Zárraga has transmitted to us, an agent approached her and indicated that on Friday she could finally see her brother in the aforementioned Versailles Unit. He also indicated that the purpose of the visit should be to convince him to testify against Ferrer in order to get out of his situation. That way, he had to speak badly to his brother about Ferrer to encourage him to do so, too. Textually, an official from the State Security that Ana Gloria wants to cover from public knowledge to avoid reprisals, indicated that it was very relevant because “ending Ferrer would end the opposition in Cuba.” He also indicated that they wanted to “disappear” Ferrer.

When the sister arrived at the Provincial Unit of Criminal Instruction at 9 in the morning, located in the Versailles District, in the province of Santiago de Cuba, she was not offered signs of him. As in other visits, her brother did not appear nor were the people who could attend to her. But she told them she would stay there until the night if they didn’t let her see her brother. After a while, a young man sent by his superiors appeared and allowed her to have an exact 5-minute visit, although they had 2 military present and who controlled the whole conversation and the situation.

Roilán said that, at first, he was assigned an agent in charge (“re-educators”, they call them), who mistreated and vexed him, but after a while they changed tactics and now he has an agent in charge who, it seems, is not mistreating as the previous one did. However, he is constantly urged that, in order to solve his problem of deprivation of liberty, he must testify falsely against José Daniel Ferrer. Roilán’s response to the threats was to tell the sister that “before dying than saying what they tell me to say… than being obliged to say what they want to hear“.

A farce already disassembled

Roilán’s testimony, therefore, begins to be a desperate need for the regime, as the farce against José Daniel was already dismantled on October 4 by the testimony recorded and posted on YouTube by Maribel Cabreja Leyva, the spouse of the alleged affected, Sergio García González, in which she said that her husband was being threatened to denounce José Daniel Ferrer for the injuries of a fall he had on his motorcycle, as if they had been caused as the result of a beating at the UNPACU headquarters. [1]

They also tried to force the false testimony of Sandy Ramírez who, shortly after leaving the detention and assault on October 1 at José Daniel Ferrer’s own house, confessed that he had been strongly threatened to make the confession and that he did not know how to stand the psychological torture. He also indicated in a video that he regretted to have fear, but he was very afraid. [2]

With the farce being dismantled by key witnesses, by all the facts and by the clumsiness with which the regime is acting in this case in terms of communication and in violation of all its own laws, the government tries to rebuild something at the expense of whatever, even having 4 innocents in prison in solitary confinement and tortured for more than a month.

Does Cuba cheats the European Union?

Prisoners Defenders has known for certain that European diplomats have had sessions with the Cuban Ambassador in Brussels and she has shown them a video where Ferrer would be a horrible torturer. But the ludicrous of the videos, which the diplomats described as gross and having a ridiculous an inconsistent content, embarrassed the participants, who left the meeting with an outrage sensation even greater than the one they entered to ask the release of Ferrer. These diplomats after the visit sent a cable to different instances warning of the gross hoax.

Wake of shame

Cuba will have to wait and mount another cause to Ferrer if it wants to “end the opposition”, because she is creating a trail of international shame that will destroy many very well worked years of lies. For all the analysts consulted by Prisoners Defenders, the discredit that the regime is reaping with this case at the international level in the most effective action that in favour of the human rights that the regime is exercising, by going against itself, only comparable to the Black Spring of 2003.

Case chronological history

[1] Statement of the wife and current partner of Sergio García González, spontaneous and at the beginning of the whole farce, telling about his fall on the motorcycle and how State Security visited him in the hospital and threatened to denounce José Daniel Ferrer changing the motorcycle fall for an alleged beating:

[2] Testimony of the threats suffered by Sandy Ramírez to create a cause for José Daniel Ferrer:

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