«We want to disappear Ferrer to end the opposition in Cuba»

That’s what an agent of the Cuban G2 confessed to Roilán Zárraga’s sister. PD denounced the case of Roilán before…

Cuba is killing José Daniel Ferrer before the eyes of the world

On the morning of today, November 7, 2019, the wife of José Daniel Ferrer, Nelva Ismarays Ortega Tamayo, and three…

José Daniel Ferrer: “Tortures and violence … My life is in grave danger”

Urgent Action Request. Prisoners Defenders, November 2, 2019: PRISONERS DEFENDERS ALERTS… A paper letter, allegedly handwritten by José Daniel Ferrer,…

BLACK OCTOBER IN CUBA: 8 new political convicts of conscience

BLACK OCTOBER IN CUBA: 8 new political convicts of conscience. We recognize in CPD, on November 1, 127 political convicts among opponents, in addition to 10,000 civilians not belonging to opposition organizations

Cuban Prisoners Defenders Bars 400

United Nations denounces the artistic repression in Cuba

In a report, 4 United Nations Special Rapporteurs attack with incontestable arguments against Díaz-Canel’s legislation on artistic and cultural rights

Cuban Prisoners Defenders Bars 400

Amnesty International condemns the abuses on José Daniel Ferrer

Press release from Cuban Prisoners Defenders, October 8, 2019: PRESS RELEASE IN PDF AFTER THE ASSAULT OF HIS HOUSE BY…

Cuban Prisoners Defenders Bars 400

Cuba: 4 new Convicted of Conscience

Cuban Prisoners Defenders Report, October 1, 2019: PRISONERS DEFENDERS UPDATES ITS LIST OF POLITICAL PRISONERS… The September 1, 2019 list…